– Plant Care –

Watering Your GemSprout
Please water your plant every 4 to 6 weeks. To water, simply place your GemSprout in a small dish filled with an inch of clean water for 3 minutes. The container may fog up with condensation, this is normal and will disappear shortly. Many of our plants will not be rooted directly into the soil, but attached to a membrane using a special adhesive. This prevents the plant from being over watered and the plant is kept moist by the condensation.

Removing the GemSprout
When your GemSprout has outgrown its capsule you can transplant them into larger pots or into the garden. To remove the plant from the base gently take a pair of pliers, hold the base of the capsule and pull the top off. Push the plant out of the base by taking the end of a paperclip and pushing through the holes in the bottom of the capsule. You may need to cut the white ring that surrounds the base of the plant if it cannot be bent and removed.

To transplant your plant, place the entire mass of soil and roots into your larger pot, or flower bed and pat down lightly. Some of the cacti may be held in place with a non-toxic vegetable based glue. Gently pull the glue away from the base of the cacti, plant the end in soil, but do not water for 4 weeks as this stimulates root growth. Watering the plant too early will cause it to rot. After a month, water and tend as normal.